Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cyclette Cycle Chic

Cyclette is "cycling couture" brought to us by the Australian designers behind Milicent Darling.

The detachable hood looks big enough to fit over a helmet.

Love the reflective back vent.

Roominess and reflective piping make this a very handy handlebar bag.

Cute off the bike as well.

There's a pocket for lights as well as one for your phone and it has a reflective back stripe.

This totally solves the problem of making your hand signals visible at night.

And,oh look, it's another houndstooth cycling accessory to add to your collection.

In my mind, the Cyclette look says, "I'm going to take the lane and you're going to like it." Or "You've been a naughty motorist and I think you need some discipline." I'm not saying you should break out the whips and chains on errant drivers, but if you need a little extra gumption and visibility, Cyclette seems to have what you're looking for.

Unfortunately, it's summer in Australia right now and Cyclette's breezy tops and tanks with reflective bows and piping aren't going to do those of us in the Northern Hemisphere much good. Still, it is pretty warm here in the southern US. Maybe I can fit some fingered gloves under those fingerless gloves (they are must haves in my opinion).

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