Friday, November 18, 2011

Hot Off The Press Release: The Cooper Oporto

That's Cooper as in British racing legend John Cooper and the Mini Cooper. With great auto achievement under their collective belt, son Michael decided to focus the attention of John Cooper Works on bicycles. In fact he said
"The Cooper Car Company has always had a  passion for bicycles and we have been thinking about diversifying the company for a while. We wanted to turn our engineering know how to making bicycles that offer the best possible components for the best possible price."
Y'all know that I know nothing about bicycle components, but you may recognize the name Reynolds Tubing and the words "lugged and brazed." I'm sure we're all familiar with Brooks and Sturney-Archer. All things fancy-dancy have been going into Cooper Bike's hand-built road bikes for the past two years and now they've launched a step-through model: the T250 Oporto.They didn't skimp on excellence or elegance with this model; it's designed to high standards with civilized cycling accessories and a luxurious touch of leather provided by Brooks saddle and handgrips. In the near future, you'll be able to add the rather fetching Ally Capellino X Cooper bag to your ride. For now, purchasing Cooper accessories online is in the works, but you can buy your Oporto for 1,700 USD here and geek out on the specs here. (Due to technical difficulties details are only on the UK site).

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