Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mini Hybrid Fixies = Mixies

"Mint" My hands-down favorite.

"Tinsel Town" reminds me of my 2010 New Year bike. If it were more metallic, it'd be a mini-ringer for sure.


"Tux." The tires are a nice touch.

So this is a first: the bike as a cool gadget. The Mixie is produced by Scratch Tracks, "a lifestyle design company for the retro-eclectic clickster," are "part fixed-gear, part urban commuter, part BMX, and all style." This is the first time I recall hearing of a bike made by a company that doesn't make bike or vehicles of any kind. The frames aren't described as male or female specific; they're simple labeled "Criss Cross" or "Straight Edge." The components are standardized, including the "flip-flop free-fix-wheel hub," so you can switch out parts with those of subsequent collections for a customized ride.

This is yet another two-wheeled offering from Urban Outfitters.The lightweight Mixie is easy to carry up to your small city apartment. Just in case you don't live in a tiny walk-up in Brooklyn, this might come in handy during a multi-modal commute. I can get Betty on buses and up escalators pretty well, but it could always be easier. I'm just not sure about the posture of the Mixie rider; I can't tell from their video if it's a comfortable upright ride or a more hunched over one.

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