Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mobile Social IX

Apparently, Atlanta is the new Hollywood and the stars decided to align over the Mobile Social starting point.

It doesn't get more mainstream than a Disney movie. Perhaps this is an auspicious sign for cycling.

 I believe Mobile Social IX is the first Atlanta Bicycle Coalition ride I've completed. I got to Woodruff Park on time (!) and rode off with the group. It was quite elevating to see so many people out for a bicycle ride on a chilly fall evening in Atlanta. If I were a better photographer, I would've snapped a picture of the dozens of rear blinkies ahead of me sailing down the dark streets. I did well just to make it to keep up without stopping to take photos. The pace was moderate, but the hills were abundant. In fact, they all seemed to be clustered together in the last quarter mile. Or half mile. I'm not good at determining distances, especially when my lungs are burning. If Atlanta were a city of cyclists, there wouldn't be an iota of respiratory illness among us (or a heat dome above us). It's that hilly.

For all the perspiration--and you know I don't like perspiration--I still enjoyed the ride. I don't get to enjoy Marietta's suburban streets as a cyclist so I look forward to organized rides in the city. I like being around fellow cyclists--riding with them and talking about cyclist stuff--and stuff in general. On the ride, I talked with another female cyclist--Rachel--about cute helmets, bicycle bells, and the increasingly mainstream status of bikes. We also chatted about her cool Houndstooth Road X Cyclodelic reflective sash and restaurants. I talked about Betty to a couple of other cyclists. At Republic Social House, I discussed bike fashion and all the crazy people that I know with Hamzat. We also discussed our food--he ordered some really good fries served in a really big bowl and I got the Taco Trio. (Get two of the same and skip the chicken taco).

I finally met Jett who planned the Mobile Social route and started the blog, Atlanta Intown Cycling. Naturally, I mentioned the sweat-producing quality of the route. He suggested that the "Heels On Wheels" ride might be more my speed--slow. A group of us chatted about slow cycling, normalizing cycling (by biking in places like Marietta),  the "Mary Poppins Effect," and Southern food. I wanted to hang out a bit more, but I had to be sure I would catch the bus home. My fellow cyclists are always good about helping me get to the nearest MARTA station--Rachel and her friend lead me directly to King Memorial on their way home. I still missed the 11 PM bus, but I met another cyclist named Vincent who treated me to a soda at a pizza place across from Arts Center Station. Atlanta cyclists definitely make the Mobile Social a great Friday night out on the town.

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