Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alice Temperley Bike

I only know Temperley's work from her collaboration with Target so I wasn't expecting this. Maybe you're feeling it, maybe you're not. Either way this bike is part of a lending program from August 11- October 29 at London's W Hotel in Leicester Square. After that, it'll be auctioned off to benefit Elton John's AIDS Foundation.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Overdue Bike Shorts Appreciation

From the SS 2011/12 collection of New Zealand brand, Nom*d.

I don't know if this is a dress or a shirt, but I'd wear it.

It shatters those pesky fashion rules which say that wearing bike pants under dresses is exclusively for the prepubescent.
                                                                                                                     --Ingrid Kesa, Pedestrian TV

Missoni Cycle Chic

If you'd like to try your luck, you can enter to win one of these on InStyle magazine's FB page.
I have tons of blog housekeeping--I still have to sing the praises of the many fine products and gracious sponsors from my contests of almost a year ago--but this Missoni bike is just jumping out at me and I have to say something. It comes with so much slow cycling accoutrement--the skirtguard, the basket, that chainguard. Oh my! What also makes this Missoni bike so striking is that it will be zig-zagging its way onto on September 13. I hope that its quality matches its style.

I won't be purchasing a Missoni bike, but I might pick up some fingerless gloves a la Karl Lagerfeld. I think they'd suit Betty and me nicely. In fact, I could make a trip to Macy's for this whole outfit. (Kudos to Karl for using often-overlooked navy blue).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making A Good Case For A Saddle Bag

I ran an errand today with this purse fairly certain that my belongings were secure.

Somehow my lil' tire repair kit got out of the bag. I didn't detect its absence at all--probably because I was paying such close attention to the traffic. On my way back home I saw it all beat up in a crosswalk.

Even though the packaging is jacked up, the patch kit survived sans the included tire levers. I'm glad I bought those extra pink ones!

My takeaway: I need more purses or Betty could use a bag of her own.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Now I Am Here

Here would be Portsmouth, VA were I'm visiting family and friends and escaping the torturous Georgia heat. It actually stays below ninety degrees at 11AM! Beside its temperate climate, Tidewater also offers wondrous flatness for cyclists to enjoy. I noticed the other day that I could just ride and ride without encountering any hills which is pretty sweet for commuting. It's like a little piece of Denmark stateside. Happily, I don't seem to be alone in that opinion because I've seen several cyclists since I've been back. One had panniers on his bike (yes!). Unfortunately, it seems that trails are designed with recreational cyclists in mind. As I checked on the progress of trails in my part of the Commonwealth, I found that most of the projects in progress seem to be much farther inland.

There is a complete 5 mile trail in Jamestown which is a part of the Virginia Capital Trail which is also a part of the East Coast Greenway. Jamestown is in Tidewater (it used to be Tidewater), but it's not close to me. Maybe in another two years the Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail will be finished and I'll have something other than subdivisions and Chik-fil-a's to look at when I pedal through my old environs.

Too soon I'll be back in hilly, hot Georgia. I was sick my entire first week of vacation and, now, my second and final week home is flying by. I hope to get an actual cycling-related picture before I leave. Remind me to actually bring my camera with me next time I go for a ride.
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