Wednesday, April 11, 2012

As Easy As Riding A Bike

I know the phrase is, "put up or shut up," but for some reason I haven't felt like blogging while putting in my greatest amount of miles to date. I started bike commuting to work a few months ago. I started riding my bike to the bus stop which is a very short distance with the idea to ride home after work when I was more awake. You see, I am not what you'd call a morning person. I morosely drag myself from bed as if leaving the arms of a sweet, sweet lover. I try to brace myself for the day with a hot shower and my customary bowl of tea, but still it's morning--too early to do anything. Unfortunately, that includes catching the bus. Public transit in a time of budget cuts means buses run less often: I'm either going to be really early for work or nearly late. These are not great options for the punctually-changed so I looked to Betty as something of an equalizer.

In making a morning commute I have discovered many things.
  • You don't have to be a morning person to ride your bike to work in the morning.
  • [For a short commute] you don't have to have the optimum breakfast.
  • You don't have to have the optimum amount of sleep the previous night.
  • You don't have to be in optimum physical condition.
  • The weather does not have to be perfect. You will warm up/cool off/dry off pretty quickly with the proper layers.
Of course your commute will be nicer if you're properly rested and well-nourished, but we have this saying in English about such simple matters: "It's as easy as riding a bike." This is because riding a bike is really easy. Even riding up hills is less than difficult and I don't say that lightly because north Georgia is really friggin' hilly. With eight gears, I don't find hills too taxing and when I do I just get off my bike and walk her up the hill. I'm not trying to be a hero, I'm just getting from point A to point B. On a bike.


cameron said...

Hope you're enjoying these days of our 'second spring'.

Courtnee said...

When our second spring warms back up it'll be all good. Today: brrrrr!

She Rides a Bike said...

The biggest challenge I faced when I first started biking to work was to consistently plan for it the night before. Having my clothes ready the night before; having a proper pannier or bike basket required to carry all my stuff and having it packed the night before; making sure the coffee maker was ready to begin brewing when I got up; making sure my water bottle was filled and my bike lock was packed. As long as all those items on my checklist are completed it's really not a big deal. I agree that physcial condition or a full 8 hour sleep aren't essential to a morning bike commute - if anything, my morning bike commute get me to work more awake and energized than if I had driven to work.

Courtnee said...

I agree; planning ahead is key. I at least have to know what I'm wearing when I get up because I always seem to loose time in the shower or somewhere in my morning routine--I'm so not a morning person.

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