Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My First Look at Houndstooth Road

My friend, Jeff, and I knew the place was behind Cakes and Ale, but we took the corner a little too quickly and passed right by the shop initially.

Bikes, glorious bikes!

Jae is in the background trying to get out of the shot, but I just couldn't wait to get a picture of these sweet Bobbins.

Chicly understated and well-engineered, these Bella Ciao's are started in Italy and finished in Germany. The best of both worlds and two countries goes into each bike.

Inspired by the Raleigh Twenty, the Bobbin Shopper is sure to become a classic. The large white basket that comes with it has been delayed in transit, but when it arrives it will be a superb grocery carrier.

A cycle chic shop must have civilized cycling accessories. I tried on the Cyclodelic Reflective Sash in leopard (rowwr), but I rook home the black & white Houndstooth Road x Cyclodelic Reflective Sash. Everyone thought it looked the best.

A beautiful periwinkle Pashley.

This Pilen badge is on the seat tube instead of the head tube because a colossal front rack will be attached to this bike soon.

This very grand and very Dutch-looking bike is a Gazelle. No wonder.

Underneath these exclusive to Houndstooth Road Belle Helmets and the House of Talents bicycle baskets is a very rare iteration of the Pashley Guvenor that I don't have a picture of somehow. I guess you'll have to get to Decatur and see it for yourself.

Much more attractive than lycra, don't you agree?

Po Campo comes to Atlanta by way of Houndstooth Road. (Not Peachtree, who would have thunk it)?

Houndstooth Road is located at 316 Church Street Decatur, Ga. Check them out on Facebook or Twitter for more shop news and specials!


Trisha said...

So very cool! How neat that the ATL area has something like this. Will have to check it out the next time I am in town.

Courtnee said...

Absolutely! The shop is in an adorable part of Decatur too.

Cameron Adams said...

Glad to see you stopped by Houndstooth Road.

Courtnee said...

Well, I had to get a look after you put up that post with all those gorgeous bikes. It was so professional of you to bring your own model too!

laura said...

wait, there's finally a place in Atlanta where i can try a bunch of city bikes? well, all of my money, it was nice knowing you....

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