Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Prelude to Atlanta Streets Alive 2012

I entered the city with an empty belly and decided to stop at HD1 for one of Richard Blais' haute dogs. Apparently, a lot of cyclists had the same idea; the restaurant was packed and so were the bike racks. After my lunch, I wandered out onto North Highland Avenue to see what was what and I ended up in The Great Atlanta Bicycle Parade. The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable played us some pedaling music from their spot next to Manuel's Tavern (they don't really march, they just arrive).

Obviously, there were all sorts of decked out bikes--including a bike-powered float-- but there were also a lot of different cyclists at the event. There were parents with kids in bike seats and other attachments, kids riding on their own, young adults, older adults, older older adults. Of course, there were all kinds of bikes too. I rode most of the parade route with a lady who owned one of my beloved Puma X Biomega bikes. She had some nice black fenders fitted onto a Puma Nevis. I don't know how I neglected to get a picture of the two of them--she was even color coordinated with purple/fuchsia/mint colorway!

Despite the one that got away, I have lots of other pictures from the parade recessional and the other activities that took over the streets to come in part two of this post.


Cameron Adams said...

How did I miss that dog in a basket? There was so much to see and I enjoyed our chat with Brian Hadden.

Courtnee said...

He was a little bitty thing. He probably curled up and went to sleep in there after a while.

I enjoyed talking with you guys too. I'll have to get out more so we can do it again!

helena said...

It has an extended frame and forward pedaling which make it an exceptionally comfortable cruiser for taller people.


Courtnee said...

Thanks for the heads up, Helena. I think the Evry Cruiser style would be well-suited to hilly N. Georgia.

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