Monday, June 18, 2012

Overdue Weekend Review

Due to some technical difficulties and a lot of procrastinating, I'm only now putting up my post on attending the Red Bull Soapbox Derby. I apologize if I held you in suspense although you should've found a bunch other posts on the derby by now. My pictures just add the cyclists' perspective.

The man with the microphone is Rev. Joesph Lowry and Congressman John Lewis is beside him.

A good crowd came out for this speech/building dedication.

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition helped out a lot of cyclist with their valet parking and cold water.

As you can see, the heat didn't deter the multitudes.

This is a mousetrap car and the mouse is the driver.

I don't think I knew what the theme of this car was at the time.

It wiped out in splashy fashion at the end of the course.

The judges appreciated the dramatic finish.

These men rode for a charity that donated suits to the needy and helped them find jobs.

The judges appreciated the good cause behind the team.

I forgot what this was.


While we're on the subject of my tardiness, I must confess that I missed the bus to Atlanta that I wanted to take last Saturday and ended up on a later one, a much later one. I was trying to catch up to Red Bike and Green's Juneteenth ride and I figured my best bet was to head towards Sweet Auburn which is how I ended up at this Obama rally/building dedication. It was a good thing too because they had cold water-- and brownies and hot dogs, but I didn't have time for all of that. After considering that I really didn't know that part of town I just decided to go to Piedmont Park because something had to be going on there. Plenty of signage publicizing the event let me know what was happening, but I had no idea what I was in for. I'm glad I came upon ABC's bike valet because they told me how to get around the crowd and down to the actual course--they also gave me more water.

I guess it's nice to hang out with thousands of people and shout and clap at funny things whizzing pass you so I counted it as a good day. Good vibes abounded, my bike was safely locked to a nearby fence, and there were a few food trucks around had I wanted to make a day of it; I didn't. I got there towards the end anyway and I prefer the better prices of the Trader Joe's close to the park. At TJ's I saw one of the participants in the Great Atlanta Bicycle Parade. He still had his bird on his shoulder, but he had a different bike. I wish I had asked him to pose for a picture.

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