Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Living Nightmare

It appears that I may have dropped Brown Betty off at a perfectly respectable bike shop only to find that I may not be retrieving a rideable Brown Betty from that perfectly respectable bike shop. I know that my warranty period is up, but my frame is cracked nonetheless which means I need another frame. I'm worried because my one-man warranty department at the bike shop didn't relay any prices to me for the repair and, in fact, said that the Globe Live 2 mixte was never in production. This made me panic. That bike model had to have been in production--it was on the Globe site for 3 years and a lot of us Globe bloggers had Live's. Maybe he was confused because they're not making them anymore. But they all couldn't have disappeared so quickly that someone would think they never existed in the first place! There must be a frame out there somewhere that Betty can have. She deserves to live!

Now I have to regain my composure and e-mail people at Specialized to find a frame for Betty.

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