Friday, March 29, 2013

My New "New Old Bike"

Sometimes older is better. My new old bike is a 1971 Schwinn Collegiate. I've named her Cherry Jubilee, but I'll probably be calling her Cherry or C.J. a lot. She has a much more upright riding position and a way more comfortable saddle than Mr. Lavender. (Mr. Lavender was my 10-speed during the 90's). Since Virginia is no longer my residence there's no reason to start a bike hoard here so Mr. Lavender will be going to a Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters Thrift Store.

I couldn't really pick up any details on this overcast day, but Cherry has some sizable spots of missing paint. She's also pretty rusty here and there, but I plan on giving her a good cleaning. If I can find the right shade of fingernail polish, I think I can take care of those spot easily. Outside of cosmetic issues, she's quite sound. She needs new brake pads, but that's no biggie. She only cost $25--even less than Praline. Once again, I scored big time via Craiglist. 


Anonymous said...

how's your GLOBE?

Cupcake Ride said...

It's super cute!

... and ya, how is your other bike that had to get a new fork?

Courtnee said...

Thanks for asking, Anon and Cupcake Ride. I put the unfortunate news about Betty in my latest post.

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