Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning Shout Outs

As you can see, I've spruced up the old blog. Whadya think? I was going for more bicycle-y and magazine-y with some Art Deco flair. That said, I don't know HTML or CSS. I just look up the thing I want to do on Google and browse different sets of instructions until I find the one that's enlightening to me. Huge kudos to Lauren Ashpole for creating the BIKES font and then giving it away for free! I wouldn't have even attempted to make the crest for my header had it not been for her font. Of course, I also heartily thank the dear designing souls who made the laurel wreath and the ribbon. Serendipity and Pinterest brought me to this collection of fonts curated by Rylee Blake (good looking out); I offer my sincere gratitude to the stylish and generous designers who made the Riesling and Blake fonts. They're gorgeous and just what I needed.

Speaking of Pinterest, I have spending a lot of time there (a lot) and I have created pretty sizable boards called "Pretty Bicycles" and "Cycle Chic." The subject of the first board is obvious and the second includes chic cycling accessories, chic cyclists, and fashion designer/bicycle maker collaborations. All of that pinning should've inspired some posting, but I've been so sickened by the sight of HTML at times that I haven't felt at all like blogging. Now, that most of my spring blog cleaning is over, I hope I'll be better about blogging.

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