Saturday, August 24, 2013

Philanthropic Cycle Chic: Part 2

Miir Bicycles High 5 Diamond Frame

Miir Bicycles High 5 Mixte

Miir Wave Single Speed

Miir Bicycles Bambini balance bike

MiiR started out as a company that made water bottles and used the proceeds to provide clean water to communities lacking this necessity. Now, they've partnered with Kevin Menard of Transition Bicycle Company to make bikes to answer the transportation issues of communities in need. For each bike purchased, one person gets a bicycle.

Obviously, MiiR is serious about its bikes. Menard brings over ten years of experience to this new initiative and the team has put together four simple bikes with quality components in lovely colors. All of the models are currently available, except for the Bambini which won't ship until the end of September.

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