Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finally!!: Levi's Commuter Collection for Women

Super cute chambray anorak

Grey jeans are always good.

When Levi's launched their commuter collection four years ago, they criss-crossed the country in partenship with Urban Outfitters fixing bikes and spreading the news as they went. The recent launch of their women's commuter collection was presented to the public with a lot less fanfare. I would say there is a reason for this-- the women's collection is a miserly eight pieces and much weaker than the men's twenty-one piece collection.

I've used images from what I think are two highlights in the collection, but I have reservations about the jeans. The model is so straight through the hips that I don't think that I could wear any jeans that are geared toward her body type. And this, I believe, is the source of Levi's trepidation about doing a women's commuter line. They don't want to make a bunch of fits like, curvy, plus, and petite for what they believe is a small group of consumers. Fine. Women cyclists understand and are not a bunch of petulant children who are going to pitch a fit because Levi's didn't begin making Curve Id Commuter jeans right away. Still, there is a way to meet us halfway. Why not launch with a boyfriend jean with a relaxed fit that might accomodate curvier cyclists? Why not include waist sizes up to 36"?

Another matter for concern is the white elephant of this collection-- the $358 anorak. Are they for real? That price point is more than twice the highest priced item in the men's collection and it's an anorak. Two years ago, I bought a key-uutte chambray moto jacket from Levi's. Why couldn't they launch with a something like that priced a lot lower. They should've offered chambray vests (dressier than their trucker style) for $58 or something. After all, vest are supposed to be huge for S/S 2015. If they offered a diverstiy of pieces at diverse price points, they would probably be able to have pieces to speak many different kinds of women until they figured out how to create a selection of jeans to fit many different kinds of women.

Lastly, I think Levi's short-changed the women's collection by not including all of the features from the men's jeans on the women's jeans. If the designers didn't think that the gussetted crotch or bike lock loop looked good on skinny jeans, they should've created another kind of jeans with those features. The women's jeans don't have any features that the men's jeans don't so they look deficient by comparison.

As I write all of this, I have to wonder, "Why didn't they think of this?" Do they want this collection to succeed or do they want to just say that they tried? Maybe they're just being cautious and I'm over-analyzing the situation. What do you think?


m e l i g r o s a said...

AAAH awesome! yes * finally * =)

Courtnee said...

I feel the same way, but now I can't afford the super cute anorak because I bought another bike. Oh the problems of a cycling enthusiast!

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