Monday, April 6, 2015

April Showers Chic

Rain poncho from H&M

Rain jacket and pants from H&M

Rain hat by Takaokami

Poncho and Rain Dress by Takaokami

Another iteration of the rain dress for a Sony ad

     I believe this is the first time I have seen so many pieces of clothing for the waterlogged cyclist. (Well, the skirt-wearing waterlogged cyclist at any rate). I'm happy to see that waterproof apparel is potentially full of fanciful options. I appreciate the fun cacti print on H&M's festival poncho; if they'd made the sleeves longer it would be perfect for cycling too. Their next contribution to spring cycling comfort is far more practical, but it also looks very, very practical.

     You'll have no means of escaping attention with the rainwear of fashion designer and Nordic cyclist, Emma Jorn. Jorn describes her rain hat as the "mixture of an umbrella and the traditional Nordic fisherman['s] rain hat." I describe that hat as serving Alexis Carrington all day. This hat is also relatively inexpensive as European Kickstarter rewards go.

     While there are some delightfully wacky items in this collection that betray Takaokami's "Nordic classic design together with Japanese quirkness," there's a spring wardrobe staple (or two) in here as well. The poncho and the jacket are nice, but the rain dress--in all of its iterations--is everything. While it's called a "dress," this could easily be a dressy lightweight coat and raincoat. How great would it be to look instantly put together by throwing this on over your pj's when you have to take the dog out or get the mail? This rain dress needs to exist. This could be the bedrock of the Takaokami brand. I can see this dress with a detachable caplet or hood, long sleeves or no sleeves, in Marsala or Asphalt or whatever color is hot at the moment. I deeply and sincerely hope that Takaokami reaches its stretch goal which enables the label to move forward on the rain dress.

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