Monday, April 20, 2015

Tokyobike x New Balance



CT700c via The Radavist

996c via The Radavist

Pictured above are members of New Balance's new C Series — well-considered sneakers for the cyclist. The CT700 and the CM600 are available in North America; the other two are available in Asia and Europe. However, I hold out hope that the CT700 and the CM600 constitute the S/S 2015 collection and that CT700c and 996c could be introduced stateside as part of A/W 2015.

The kicks available in the States feature perforations on the heel and near the toe that reveal reflective material underneath. The CT700 has a leather upper and comes with an ankle strap that you put on like a slap bracelet. The CM600 has a synthetic upper that one sneakerhead site claims lends it great durability, but I haven't been able to find information to substantiate such an assertion. It also has a neoprene tongue with a pouch to hold one's shoelaces and an easy on-off bootie construction. Both styles come with reinforced soles and reflective laces and both styles are $119.

All of the shoes in the C Series were conceptualized in New Balance's Tokyo design studio, but the sleek silhouette and colors of the CM600 inspired Tokyobike's latest limited edition Classic Sport. The bike is $925, comes in matte navy or matte mustard, and is accessorized with Brooks Cambium grips and saddle. (I especially like the ivory tires against that mustard frame).

Classic Sport 8-spd in matte navy

Classic Sport 8-spd in matte mustard

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