Sunday, May 3, 2015

Goododering Cycling Bags 2.0

Goododering's original bags pictured with the new line of  bags

When I first saw Goododering's bags two years ago, I thought that they were darling, but I didn't really give them much thought beyond that. I still had Brown Betty and she could always hold everything I needed with that huge wooden rack of hers. ( I actually had a fellow cyclist pay BB the compliment of, "Hey, that's a nice rack," before he got all flustered).

These days, I'd have to really think how I would carry groceries on my bike. I have yet to be tested in that regard, but it's always good to be prepared—especially when there are low Kickstarter campaign prices available. I believe that picnic pannier would hold a couple of smallish bags, making room for larger packages to be carried in my basket. It also has side pockets which can hold a water bottle (always useful to cyclists and a very attractive feature as coastal Virginia approaches its hot and sticky season). We'll have to see how it holds up in urban jungle/suburban swamp conditions when I get it in July.

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Maira Gall