Saturday, September 26, 2015

Breezer Bikes | Papal Bike

via Canadian Cycling

I wanted to entitle this post post "Breezer Bikes x The Papacy," but that's a misrepresentation of how this bike came about. Breezer Bikes cooperated with the mayor of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Bicycling Advocacy Board, and two Toronto businesses to customize a Downtown 8 for the Pope's visit today. VéloColour, owned by Noah Rosen, provided the custom paint job. Through a second company that he co-owns with Suzanne Carlsen, the chainguard and brass headbadge were fabricated. Graphic designer, and fellow Canadian, Amanda Dirksen Cantanzaro gave the bike its overall papal look with the elements she created for its frame and fenders (shown below via Canadian Cyling ). In the spirit of the Pope Francis, the city, Breezer Bikes, the Philadelphia Bicycling Advocacy Board, and Advanced Sports International will be giving away 100 bikes to local charities and organizations that use bikes as a part of their mission.

via Canadian Cyling 

The Peace Dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, God's presence on earth.

The Liberty Bell symbolizes Philadelphia, where Breezer bikes are made. This also represents the city's gratitude for the Pope's visit.

The Pope's motto: sometimes translated as, "humble but chosen."

The Pope's name in Spanish.

The beatitudes found in Matthew 5:5 and 5:9 are on the fenders.

The Pope's coat of arms


Yokota Fritz said...

Breezer Bikes are made in Taiwan by Ideal Bike, and designed (mostly) in Fairfax, California. The connection to Philly is corporate ownership of Breezer by Advanced Sports International, which is headquartered there and is, in turn, owned by Ideal Bike.

Courtnee said...

Oh, I guess that makes their Liberty Bell stamp like the "Designed in California," logo on iPod/iPhone packaging.

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