Friday, February 19, 2016

A Dreamy Wardrobe for Spring Cycling Courtesy of Uniqlo and Lemaire

This must happen for me.

Yaucht club, anyone?

A new classic.

I'm the queen of classy joggers so I must add these to my collection.

I can honestly call the spring Uniqlo and Lemaire collection dreamy because I've been daydreaming about these pieces regularly. (More precisely, I've been fantasizing about buying all of these pieces without going broke). For me, this collection refines a few things-- fabrics and looks-- that I'm familiar with and presents them in fresh, relaxed way. Maybe it's because I live in a Navy town that I detect a nod to sails and ropes and the classic nautical stripe. I also feel the colors are drawn from beaches on the Atlantic which are more subdued than their brighter, tropical cousins. The addition of red is a punchy suprise, but it keeps on our toes, right?

Sailing ...

Chic seersucker!

I think these may be the gauchos to get.

I think this would be quite sassy in red.

I'd go for classic black ...

... and white.

There is a practical side to my obsession with this collection. Two pieces of the men's outerwear and all three pieces of the women's outerwear are water repellant. It rains a lot where I live in the spring. I didn't include the raincoat because this is pretty much my pesonal wishlist and I already own a 1960's A-line raincoat. (I've previously mentioned I spend too much time on Ebay). All of the women's outerwear is light-- cotton poplin or twill and the raincoat has waterproof seams as well. There is every reason for the fashion universe to send a cape my way. What pieces will you be manifesting for your closet?

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