Thursday, February 4, 2016

Let's Slip Into Something A Little More Comfortable

One time on Ebay, I spotted a bed jacket similar to this Princesse tam.tam piece. 

I can't make too much of a case for the gift of lingerie this Valentine's Day unless it includes chamois padding, like this. As someone who has experienced a skirt full of cold wind while wearing thigh high's, I must advise against getting too fancy with your underthings during the winter months. The moment for slinky things is when you get home. It's actually pretty important to clean up and dry off/out after being tested during one's commute. You can still sweat significantly during your winter commute if you live at the top of a monstrous hill (like I used to) or the day turns out to be freakisly warm or your wear a fabric that doesn't breathe the way you thought it would. Whatever your predicament, take inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood (and all the time I spend procrastinating on Ebay) and consider some swanky loungewear.

 A classic good for both ladies and gents

In addition to robes, Etsy also has smoking jacket patterns

A cozy kimono-style bed jacket found on free people

As I write this, I'm wearing a nemaki kimono I purchased on Ebay. I cannot say enough in praise of getting a deal and dressing for your climate. It's way too warm for a quilted kimono right now (it was 72 degrees in Hampton Roads today) and my kimono is slightly more than a third the price of the former. Moreover, you can sleep in it and there are nemaki for men too. Whatever you chose to lay around in, on Valentine's Day or any other day, I hope it's fabulous.

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