Thursday, March 3, 2016

Girl Gang Accessories

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The words and stars are retroreflective.

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Via KodiakMilly

Sets available at Fab

To paraphrase one member of The Deadly Nightshades: "First, get matching jackets. Then, take over the world." As an artsy cycling collective or a group of eco-feminist, hood-do-gooders, you want to look unified, but not identical. That's where badges and pins come in. (The Ovarian Psyco's make bandanas look pretty cool too). While your gang is at it, a lot of these things could go on their panniers because your bike could use some coordinating pieces too. I could catalog a huge list of accessories for both rider and bike like the de riguer name badge and Wonder Woman logo. If you are so skilled, the "No Handed Bike Club" badge may be appropriate. Personally, I'm leaning towards the Grammar Police badge and the Pen & Pencil pin. I'm thinking my bike gang name will be Courtnee the Grammarian and my look will be "somewhat sporty, glamourous, retro, librarian." What would your bike gang name be?

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