Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bookman Bike Makeover

Apparently, the 2009 Electra Jenny was summoned by my subconscious for this little makeover because I can't find the picture of it I believed I had posted here years ago. (If you find it, let me know). It's not like any of the bikes pinned to my Pretty Bicycles board. Originally, I was just going to have clusters of dots on the rims of my bike wheels, but I eventually ruled that out as being bland.

When Bookman became involved, I saw the opportunity to go big. They sent me an accessories suite of reflective stickers and Curve bike lights that takes care of my visibility needs. The bold blue dots go on smoothly and look like a part of the original paint job. Even though my DIY dots are also made of 3M tape, they seem a little thicker. The sky blue dots are definitely thicker as they are supposed to be easily removed and repositionable without ripping.

The dots come twelve to a pack. I used less than one and a half packs— with such a graphic impact less is definitely more. It might sound contradictory with a reflective item, but using the Curve lights in addition to the stickers substantially supports your visibility. Light pours out of the glass sides of the front unit at up to 80 lumens and the rear unit at up to 37 lumens. You're able to see the road ahead of you well and there's 360° of visibility around you. (I posted a nighttime view from the saddle to my Instagram).

In addition to the dots, Bookman also sent me their new leopard reflective stickers. I gave my vintage Schwinn a micro-makeover. My rusty darling requires a lot of work in order to achieve a truly fresh look, but I wanted to see how easily a few leopard spots could stand in for the hard-to-find vintage decals. I covered the star on the chainguard with a spot and added a few more for fun. On the top tube, there are more stars, some battered script, and some large patches of rust. It all has to go and be repainted. A swatch of leopard spots in place of the old decals would be hot. As a fan of lettering, I would try to keep the "Schwinn" on the chainguard, but others of you might want to go wild on the whole thing.

As I was waiting for a day without bucket loads of rain to get out and stick stickers and snap pictures, Bookman came out with another new product. My reptilian brain is thrilled with the new premium cup holders that are oh so shiny. And the rest of me is happy about anything that will help me carry a really big drink on my bike during the sultry summer weeks to come. If you're looking for other cycling accessories that are high in functionality and design (with a low threshold to qualify for free shipping) check out the Bookman catalog here.

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