Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chichia x ASOS Africa Sale!

Images from Instagram accounts @chichiagram and @thebazaarbohemian

I just don't pay retail, no matter how badly I want a piece of clothing or a bag. Where's the satisfaction in paying a huge mark-up for something you want, but don't need? That's a surefire way to end with a closet full of regret. Sometimes a piece you want sells out, but you have to live in
hope— even sale items get restocked. I'm hoping the jumpsuit above is returned in my size. It seems a risky strategy, but I got five of the items I highlighted in my Lemaire x Uniqlo post. Stalking one's clothes isn't for everyone. There are some of us, however, who live for the thrill of the hunt. Check out Chichia x ASOS Africa at if you're game.

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