Tuesday, July 26, 2016

No More Sad Lunches, I Hope

Baby Baggu in Peach Watermelon

More color coordinated options 

Retro American bento, don't you think?

I've never given much thought to lunch; it consisted of whatever last night's dinner had been. I used to take glass, lidded containers of various pastas to work for a hearty meal that would give me enough energy for the rest of my day and the bike ride home. Now that I've been driving to work and, more in general, I just eat a snack for lunch. I also don't cook nearly as much and have gotten into the habit of eating takeout. I've let myself get trifiling, as my mom would say, and even though I don't have an international farmer's market a bike ride away or a kitchen arranged exactly as I would like it, I can still cook regularly.

Now I have a reason to think about the way I eat lunch or any other meal. Even though my job isn't sendentary and I've lost a bit of weight since I started, I don't get the amount of exercise I used to get. I still have 5-10 pounds to lose (whatever makes my thighs stop rubbing together) and I have to be thoughtful about what I eat since I don't have a bike commute to incinerate every calorie I put into my mouth. Of course, I'm going to get out on my bike more. I'm going to ride at night more (to avoid the severe heat) and I'm looking for a bike rack for my tiny Smart Fourtwo so I can enjoy points of interest on my bike.

My immediate concern is a weekly menu, but of course I started with a lunch box and bag. Through chance and happenstance, I saw the above bento box-by-way-of 1960's-America on a trip to Burlington Coat Factory for plant pots. I loved the aqua, brown, and white color scheme. It was deep and had a steam release button, sure signs that this was for adult lunches. (I can't find it for sale anywhere online and the only information available appears to come from a catalog pdf). Next, I was perusing the Baggu's leather goods when I came across their baby Baggu's. Ordinarily, blue items would end up in my shopping cart, but that watermelon print is just too precious and, happily, it's back in stock. I'll have to get back to you on the menu as I finish my light box and test my food styling skills. I also hope to learn to tie my Baggu furoshiki style (even if I never photograph it) because it's just cool.

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