Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nasty Woman Compendium

The first "nasty" design I saw on Twitter the night of the last debate. Sold here. I'd love it if there were stickers too.

This is by no means a conprehensive list. There are a lot of star-spangled options out there. This shop has two versions of "Nasty Woman/ Bad Hombres" buttons in addition to a "Don't Grab my Pu**y" button in the style of the Gadsen flag. Danny Brito's shop has tons of cute buttons and enamel pins in addition to a cute retro rendition of "Nasty Woman/ Bad Hombre" campaign buttons. Many of the shirts listed here are offered by companies that also make mugs, tote bags, and cellphone cases. I was really hoping to see some more Janet Jackson themed merchandise, but I guess I'll just have to get my Janet fix through her music. (I hope she's invited to the inauguration even if she's not able to perform). 

No Proceeds Shared:

Sold here.

There are multiple styles of this shirt sold here.

Sold here.

Sold here.

I like the script used here.

Sold here.

This Etsy shop also sells the "Feminist with a To-do List" enamel pin and notepad.

Proceeds Shared with Charities:

Proceeds from these items go to Planned Parenthood

50% of the proceeds from sales of this teego to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

50% of the proceeds from sales at I'm With Nasty go to Hillary for America.

The fragrance! Notes include Bourbon vanilla, honeyed amber oud, and Turkish Delight. Proceeds split between Planned Parenthood and Emily's List.

Glicée art print by Tony Cliff. All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. 

These Swanky Press mugs donate partial proceeds to efforts to provide clean water to African communities.

Let's not forget the previous sexist comment heard round the world. Partial proceeds from this tee goes to RAINN.

I'm pretty open to anything cheeky that contains the word "nasty" at this point. I'm considering this NASA style logo pin. (I live too close to NASA Langley not to have this pin). Even after "nasty woman" loses its pop culture relevance, it could still make for a cool tee shirt (or what have you). It's not as if the attitude that engendered the sentiment is going anywhere in the immediate future. What do you think?

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