Thursday, March 2, 2017

What to Buy: Your Last American Apparel Haul

I  can afford to try to bring back the visor when they're $6.30. Here in beige.

Once upon a time, I was a stylist in a "boutique" (or a fancy chain store in the mall, if you prefer, but I did have a client list and that's what they told us to call the store). When I first started there I wore simple black and white pieces from American Apparel and got compliments regularly. I just gussied them up with a blazer or jewelry and the 100% cotton composition was a god send because I was commuting by bike in Atlanta. I've always managed to combine promo codes with markdowns and get good pieces at good prices. So it is with a slightly heavy heart that I have to pour out some rosé for this retailer leaving us too soon.

If you're within striking distance of any location, I would suggest you check it out as American Apparel has recently moved to selling some of their most popular pieces in stores only. Once there, I hope you find that winter items are marked down and eligible for the 40% off promotion. I would love to find one of those thermal catsuits! Just looking online, however, there's a hodge podge of sizes available for most pieces with the big ticket items appearing to be in good supply. Here's what I'd look for:

Little black dresses

Tate Slip Dress

Ponte Long-Sleeve A-Line Mini

They just replenished the stock of this dress this morning.

I have the Gia Mini and the Crepe Julliard Wrap Dress which are both crepe like the Tate Slip Dress. I bought the mini in my size and found it tight in the sleeves. I bought the wrap dress one size up and it looked like it was wearing me. The simplicity of the slip dress should prevent those misshaps, but the fabric is nothing special. The ponte will probably treat you better.

Great Deals on Sweaters

I bought this two months ago for $15, now it's $12.

I like the big cocoon shape of this cardigan.

I'm a bit annoyed that I've already ordered this color and now blue is available.

Coats Under $50

Wool Audrey Coat

Unisex Chino Twill Union Parka

Scour every department because it appears that everything that could be replenished this morning has been replenished and there are additional items in the factory store! (I just got a suede skirt for $15 and a $10 dress for Easter among other things)!!

I wish everyone good luck in trying to get the pieces they want online because the most important thing that the company's latest executives failed to address— and what I believe doomed this company— is their sorry fulfillment and customer service. They shouldn't have too much trouble keeping up with their inventory now— it's their last season— but if your stuff gets lost in the mail be prepared to call them three times or so before a customer service rep actually follows through on any action that will help you. May your wallets endure!

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