Saturday, April 1, 2017

Brompton Collaborations

CSC x Brompton Batchels in Turkish Green and Lagoon Blue

Brompton with coordinating Batchels.

The Oxblood Brompton is exclusive to this collection.

Oxblood Batchel and Brompton

Oxblood is a classic color well-suited to fine leather goods and Britain's quintessential folding bike, the Brompton. It also looks smart with the Mackintosh which appears to be de rigueur for an English spring.  The Cambridge Satchel Company x Brompton Batchel also comes in a soft green and a bright blue— appropriate for those of us who enjoy early, warm springs— and is a tad larger than a medium-sized Loeffler Randall's Rider bag. (This season's Rider bags are $225 more than a Batchel). In addition to a deal on a bike friendly carryall, Cambridge​ Satchel Company is giving away one CSC x Brompton bike and a matching bag. Enter to win here.

Brompton x Vespertine NYC Special Edition

Photos via Cyclist

via Brompton Junction

via Vespertine

Brompton teamed up with the Big Apple's pioneer of haute réflecture, Vespertine, for its New York Special Edition. Styled for gritty streets, this bike features Ergon hand grips, Kojak tires, and a low profile saddle for rolling through traffic. In addition to the items above, there is also a reflective hat, headband, and shoelaces. The collection features reflective graphics designed by Vespertine. You can enter to win the entire Brompton x Vespertine collection here. The giveaway ends April 2, 2017.

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