Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Schwinn Lemon Peeler Rides Again (Once Again)

Apparently, Schwinn isn't​ the least bit hesitant to relive its glory days. And neither are Schwinn fans. This Monday, April 24th, the company will release it's second run of a reproduction Lemon Peeler Sting Ray on Amazon. Sans stick shifter, 2017's singlespeed Lemon Peeler will have many features of the original like ape hanger handlebars, banana seat, springer fork, rear struts, a 16-inch front wheel, and a 20-inch rear wheel.

I read about the occasion in Parade Magazine, of all places, so everyone and their mothers know about this repro launch. According to Bicycling, the first run sold out in less than twenty-four hours. The last time Schwinn released a Lemon Peeler repro was 2008 and the last time I saw anything mass-produced in the muscle bike style was around 2012 by an outfit out of New York City that doesn't appear to exist anymore. That probably means that there's a great deal of desire out there for a relatively small amount of bikes. The Lemon Peeler Sting Ray's will be $349. You might want to have your credit card in hand at the stroke of midnight Monday.
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Maira Gall