Thursday, May 11, 2017

tokyobike Designer Series

tokyobike x Calico Wallpaper

tokyobike x Joe Doucet

tokyobike x Everything Elevated

These three limited edition bikes constitute tokyobike's Designer Series launching this week. According to Juliana Rudell Di Simone, owner and director of tokyobike in the Americas," was inspiring to see how the three renowned designers translated their distinctive visions to our bicycles in ways that we never could have imagined."

Rachel and Nick Cope's designs have earned Calico Wallpaper a place in the Cooper Hewitt Wallpaper Collection. Nick Cope says that they're "excit[ed] to see our wallpaper designs applied to an object that incorporates art into a unique and useful means of transportation. We can’t wait to see it on the streets!” Joe Doucet is a designer, inventor, and creative designer who recently won the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award. Everything Elevated works across the Atlantic, with bases in New York and Oslo, and across industries applying their minimalist aesthetic to numerous products. Each bike is $2,500. If your money isn't that long, tokyobike also has new mini velo's available for preorder for $815.

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