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I'm a woman born and reared in the South with three bikes named Praline Supreme, Brown Betty, and Cherry Jubilee. Praline's a 1974 or '75 Ross Europa 3-speed purchased from Rich's by the original owner. Betty is a Globe Live 2 Mixte (8 speeds) made in 2009. Cherry is a 5-speed 1971 Schwinn Collegiate. All of my bikes are chic--they let me sit upright and they all came with some of the civilized cycling accessories, like fenders and a chainguard.

When I started this blog, I felt like the lone brown woman on her bronze bike trying to cycle chic at any point between California and Copenhagen. Building this blog, especially my directory, allowed me to discover other slow pedalers, bike builders, clothing designers, and transportation reformers who think that everyone should be able to ride a regular ol' bike in their regular ol' clothes. Well, maybe not regular ol' clothes.

Fashion is thrilling and fun to me. I've found it a fascinating world ever since I was a little girl watching Style with Elsa Clench. Of course, I would be drawn to the developing relationship between cycling and fashion. I also think of fashion as a mode of expression that we use everyday. Accordingly, as fashion embraces cycling, cycling is more often perceived as normal. I hope that this blog can help with this "normalizing" process just a little bit and encourage all the other slow cyclists out there.

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